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Saturday, October 22


FOG: session two

Power Grid
Rogan and Sue were over Friday evening and we had time for one longer game, with a firm closing time of 11 PM. We decided to play somthing new and selected PowerGrid, which I had played once before with the WAGS group in Toronto. Power Grid is a game about spending efficiently to maximize your gains each turn. Players represent utility companies, buying power plants at auction(ranging from coal, oil, trash, nuclear, to green sources like wind and fusion), purchasing fuel resources to power their plants plus building up service networks on the board representing the cities to which they will eventually be supplying power. All of these actions cost money, which players receive through income received based on the number of cities to which a player successfully provides power. To win a player needs to provide power to the most cities when the game end conditions are met (one player creating a utility network of 17 cities). Now that description itself may not make you want to jump up and play, but we certainly had a great time none with Power Grid and are looking forward to playing again soon...Hopefully this weekend. Our playing did suffer a bit from the fiddilyness of the mechanics. I know we messed up on eliminating plants from the market several times. which added turns to the game between step 2 and 3. When 11PM rolled around everyone was so into the game that we had to keep going, finishing at midnight. I have since downloaded player aids from the Geek to provide helpful reminders as we become more comfortable with the turn to turn upkeep. This playing suffered a bit from a runaway leader scenario, but I think my previous play contributed to the situation and don't expect a repeat now that we all have a game under our belt.
My Rating: 8

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