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Tuesday, October 4


Introduction to Euro-Games

The pastime of playing board games has certainly evolved from those games of childhood memory, but you wouldn't know that from a visit to your local toy store, where many long familiar titles such as Sorry, Risk, Clue and Monopoly continue to fill the shelves. These titles seem self perpetuating, surviving on nostalgia and familiarity alone. They are the games everyone seems to think of when I mention that I enjoy playing board games…but they’re not what I mean. When I mention board games, I’m talking about EuroGames (At least that is what I am calling them. To others they are also known as Designer Games, German Board Games, Family Strategy Games, and even TGOO, an acronym for ‘these games of ours’ popular among some internet discussion groups. More on all that later…).

But what are EuroGames? Well, the title EuroGames cover a surprisingly diverse variety of games which are generally distinguished by several common traits:

There is great variety within the games included under the umbrella title of EuroGames. This variety is generated by the diversity in game mechanics upon which these games are designed. The evolution of board game design continues with the development of clever and elegant new mechanics and the refining and intercombination of different mechanics (a cross-breeding of sorts). By looking at a game's mechanic, Eurogames can be further categorized into different types of play:

(this article is still a work in progress...more to come soon)

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