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Wednesday, October 5


Where Can I get these Games?

If you are lucky, there may be a game store in your area which stocks EuroGames, but for most that is not the case. I order most of my games online. Here is a list of some of the more prominent sources:

Funagain Games: (Oregon)
Funagain games is a retail website which serves as a great information resource about available games. For most of their games hey have reviews posted by customers and links to additional information. Their inventory is very extensive and includes many games available as an import only. The downsiide is that their prices are higher than their competition, but have been becoming more competitive. This was the first site I discovered when surfing for more information about eurogames.

Time Well Spent: (Colorado)
My current favorite online retailer. They have the best prices and a competent selection, not all that extensive, but they do stock most of the popular titles. Their delivery time is quick and their service has always been top notch.

Fairplay Games: (Michigan)
Fairplay has some of the best prices and selection. Their website doesn’t provide as much support information, but their service is prompt and courteous. I often turn to Fairlay if Time Well Spent doesn't have what I'm looking for.

Boulder Games: (Georgia)
Boulder one of the original mail-order/online retailers (Funagain is the other, the others are relative upstarts). Boulder and Funagain are the best domestic sources for import only titles. (The other option is ordering direct from Germany, but that takes a certain level of gaming-obsession to contemplate...) They have very competitve prices and proivide personal commentary on some of their games and have a website newsletter.

Games Surplus: (Pennsylvania)
Game Surplus is a favorite online retailer for people on the East Coast. Their service always gets rave reports but their prices are higher than some of their competition and their site doesn't have the added features of Funagain. I've 'window shopped' here but haven't ordered from them yet.

Gamefest: (Washington)
Gamefest is an upstart that is trying to give Funagain a run for its money with customer-interest content. They were formed by a couple dot-com millionaire retirees to support their hobby intersts. They have begun amassing reviews and player aids for many of their games and have hired someone specifically to report on the eurogame market. Their prices, however are on the high side.

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